What are the four components that make up or total behavior?

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What are the four components that make up or total behavior??

-- dennyphillips. (rule62dap@comcast.net), June 14, 2003


The behaviour of the individual reflects his personslity. So behaviour essentially consists of the thoughts (overt as well as covert), feelings, the motivation level,all this leading to action.The reaction is also equally important requisite for an activity to occur.

-- renuka s.d. (renusd@yahoo.co.in), June 15, 2003.

Fron a purely Choice Theory perspective, Total behaviour is almost a technical term for the combination of all Doing, Thinking and Feeling activities we engage in and the physiological changes that accompany these activities. According to Dr. Glasser the various components are inextricably linked, cannot be separated and do not cause one another.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), June 16, 2003.

Our behaviors can be divided into four parts, they are our thoughts, actions, feelings and physiology. These components work together like the wheels on a car. Dr. Glasser has illustrated this by the analogy of a car. The wheels of the car represents our doing or action, thinking, feelings, and our physiology. Each component is part of the total car and is called Total Behavior because when you turn the front wheels the whole car moves. Each wheel can be either negative or positive, helpful or hurtful. When it comes to control or making choices, it is the front wheels that we have the most control over and the back wheels follow.

-- Kevin (Peace1015@aol.com), June 18, 2003.


In addition to the good summaries provided for you by Ken and Kevin, please do read Bill's explanation of Total Behavior. Some discussion of this is in all the recent publications, but a return to the original chapter in Choice Theory is your best bet. We require his reading of all peer counselors in the high school here and they say it is easy to understand and very usable.

-- suzy hallock-bannigan (suzyatdonegal@aol.com), July 29, 2003.

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