2 Grp Rancilio Espresso Machine and Grinder for SALE!

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Rancilio S20 Techna DE 2 Group Espresso Machine & Rancilio MD 40 Grinder. Both Items in Extremely Good Condition. Both items sold together. The S20 Techna DE is an automatic Rancilio espresso machine. The desired coffee dosage and the hot water supply can be programmed. The water level in the boiler is electronically controlled. The fitting of an interface enables all operations performed by the espresso machine to be transmitted direct to the cash register or to a main computer. The Rancilion MD Grinder is manufactured of pressure die-caste aluminum and stainless steel, complete with thermally protected motor, with long-life specially hardened steel blades/burrs. Your espresso blend beans, can be ground on demand, ensuring a "bar quality " espresso or espresso based beverage

-- doug herrington (dougherr@aol.com), June 16, 2003


I am in need of an espresso grinder, but not the machine. Would you consider selling them seperatly? If so, how much? How old is the MD40 grinder?


-- Scott McCurley (smccurley@earthlink.net), June 26, 2003.

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