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We have just acquired a 2 year old Alpine who is a precoacious milker. We were told that she has given milk 0 months out of the year, from March to November. We are getting about 1 quart per day now, but although the milk smells fine (I have not tasted it) it is an odd color, off white with a pink cast. Is this normal? This milk is primarily for our baby, so I am being very careful.

Also, we are interested in breeding her and trying to increase her production. Should we dry her off to see if she will go into heat? Any suggestions about how to go about that?

Thank you.

-- Lori Pruett (, June 17, 2003


She will not come into heat until fall, and then it won't matter if you're milking her or not, she'll still come into heat. The color may be due to mastitis (run a test if you want to be sure) or it could be that the udder is being injured in some way, as by improper milking technique, a milking machine not working correctly, or other goats butting the udder. When you milk, squeeze only the teat, not any of the udder tissue above it, and do not pull downward on the teat. The pink cast is blood, so it is either mastitis or some sort of damage. What about the consistency of the milk, is it thin or does it have a gluey consistency? Gluey or thick is probably mastitis and could be cleared up with medication.

-- Revekah (, June 17, 2003.

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