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I strongly feel it is possible, but I don't know how to set this up.

I have eqpt_type table in master database (eqpmst) and in transaction databases (I have about 5 of them, eqploc1, eqploc2, eqploc3, eqploc4, eqploc5).

eqpt_type_id Number Primary key eqpt_locid Number Primary key type_name varchar2(40) type_desc varchar2(4000)

Data in eqpt_type table for eqpt_locid =1 will be provided as a initial setup data to all sites. Data for eqpt_locid 1 will be maintained by eqpmst database. This data is common and required by each location.

New rows will be added for eqpt_locid =1 in eqpmst database (master site). When some one add data with eqpt_locid =1 into eqpmst database, I want to populate all transaction databases with the data.

When some one add data at location5 with eqpt_locid =5 into eqploc5 database, I want to replicate that data to eqpmst database (but not to other locations).

In other words, when other locations add their location specific data into their local copy of eqpt_type table that should be replicated back to eqpmst.eqpt_type table. This location specific data is not required by other locations. This is only required by eqpmst.

Is this possible. If so could you please point me to documentation /code examples.

Have a nice day Reddy

-- Reddy K S (, June 17, 2003

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