Dylan Carson Autobiography

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ok, ok, first things first, i know that the vast majority of people reading this were lead to believe by the subject line that i probably have information on a Dylan Carlson autobiography, lol, sorry, dont get wet yet. anyway, i was highly entertained and informed by the little quick synopsis of the life of Earth that was written by Dylan Carlson on his website, and thought that maybe he should write a memoir about himself. While this may seem a bit overkill, since he is a rather obscure figure and apparently had long lapses in his life where he was trying to recover his life in the first place, i think there are several qualifying points that make him eligible for something like this. 1: he pretty much defined a new genre of music.. and well.. his close ties with Kurt Cobain and his suicide would kinda give the book an allure to alot of people, which in turn would make the book profitable and not seem like such a weird stretch. Im sure using his connections to Kurt Cobain to market a book would not seem appealing to Carlson however, since he didnt even wanna advertise his second latest release on the basis that Cobain was on it...... even though... oddly.... the fact that he DIDNT want to bring it up was discussed in nearly every interview.. which of course inadvertantly advertised cobains appearance on the album... hmmm... lol.... is this idea fucked up or not? comments?

-- Anonymous, June 20, 2003

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