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I hired CB - Martin & Marbry for property management. I had to call 3 times to get them to make an appointment with my current tenants (subletters) for furnace cleaning. When it came time to renew the lease, the broker suggested that I increase the rent by $200. I disagreed based on the economy and the fact that the subletters were paying less than what my obligated tenants were paying. Later he came back and said they would only pay $200 less that what I was currently getting, I told him to get a credit check because I never checked the subletters, only my tenants. He agreed. A week later, he called to ask me to call the subletters to ask them to pay for the credit check. Isn't it his job to do that? And why didn't he do that when he sent them the application? I informed him that if I didn't see a credit report by that weekend, I would list it for rent. This was after 1 month of waiting for him to get a renewal. He lost his temper and started yelling and said Fine, I'll call them and hung up.

That weekend, I still hadn't heard from him. I called the subletters and discovered that he originally told them I agreed to their price (which I never did) and that I wanted to increase the rent (I never said this. This was HIS idea). He never called them to ask them to pay for the credit report.

The broker called me the next day, cursing and screaming that I had no right to speak to my subletters and that we had an agreement (which is an outright lie). He said I don't need your frickin' business or your fricking' house. I'm cancelling our agreement (which made me more than happy because he never did his job anyway and didn't do it right when he tried). I also have a recording on my home phone with his outrageous behavior.

My question is, should I write a letter to the State Board about his unethical behavior (misrepresenting me, lying to both me and the subletters, cursing, yelling), or will this invite more outrageous behavior. Will the board really do something about this or just file it away?

-- Piper H (, June 22, 2003


ignoring rude people just perpetuates the cycle of rudeness, so i would advise you to do something about it

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-- Your Full Name (Your Email, September 22, 2003.

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