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I just recommended this program to a client of mine. He thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. He had two programs "Incredimail XE" and "ObjectBar" that were not cooperating with each other. The ability to launch the application (either) with a higher priority than the other one SOLVED the problem.

What I'd like to know is there a way you can add a feature to this program that would allow one program to be place in "Real Time" mode, by clicking on it and placing all the others at a lower setting? I think that this may prove useful in diagnosing conflicting programs that do not give an error box or BSOD when there are problems. I do not know if this can be done, just asking if it's possible.

Bill Rowland

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2003


Hi Bill. I'm glad prioset is prooving useful. I don't think there are too many prioset user out there. I'm glad to hear from one. but I don't understand the question; the function you want added. I think you'll have to elaborate a bit on: "What I'd like to know is there a way you can add a feature to this program that would allow one program to be place in "Real Time" mode, by clicking on it and placing all the others at a lower setting?"

I hope I'll be able to help.

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

Actually, if you right click the PrioSet Program window and click "About", it will tell you how to load a program using PrioSet to set its Priority, from the command line. What you can do with this, is create 2 seperate links on your desktop for each of those programs you want to run, and then modify the link command lines as stated in the "About" window, to create links to the same application that will set the program at a different priority depending which link the user uses to load the program. Then name the links appropriately with the priority level that they are using, and the user should have a basic simple way to load the programs using different priorities, without having to manually edit the same program link inside PrioSet each time...

-- Anonymous, August 07, 2003

To re-state the problem. The (above) two programs generate errors when they are running at the same time. I suspect its bad programing on the seperate authors parts and not a basic windows problem. My client tried eveything he could think of to clear the problem up, nothing seemed to work for any period of time. Individually, each of these programs run fine, with NO problems at all. But, put them up at the SAME time the generate BSOD's untill the system is (either) unstable or locked up.

The request I made, was probably a little vague, sorry. What I was looking for was a predefined way of treating certain programs, i.e "problem children" like the previously mentioned programs. Like a set of "rules" to follow, if a program is started.

For example: If "ObjectBar" is running and the client decides to start up the "Incredimail XE" application. PrioSet would check the priority of all programs (applications) running. Any program found to be running in "Real Time" mode would have it's priority level set back to "Normal/Idle" and "Incredimail XE" would be started in "Real Time" mode.

I know this would have to be defined on an individual basis. With intervention from the User. But, it seems to me to be the next logical step, i.e. giving special treatment to certain programs (problem children) that do not wish to cooperate.

Otherwise the individual would have to manualy set the priorities back to lower priority and then start up the application at a higher level. In order to prevent collisions. BTW, both of the programs mention run in the "Normal" mode if started individually. That's where the problems arise.

Hope this helps some.

Bill Rowland

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

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