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Can any body explain to me the law selfesteem according to the (choice Theory ) chart ,where can i put on the perception or values filter or where!

-- Bashaer AL.Zawawi (, June 24, 2003


Generally Dr. Glasser does not use the term low/or high, self esteem, he prefers to think of it as a person being easily/ or not easily able to fill their power need.Thus you would go to the area of the chart that shows our need for power feeding into the brain where it translates into quality world pictures that allow that need to be filled. It is easy to see why a person who finds it really difficult to have a power picture, and to fill it, would not feel very good about themselves

-- ken lyons (, June 25, 2003.

Ken Lyons has provided an excellent reponse to this question. Historically, a couple of decades ago, instructors had long conversations with Dr. Glasser about an individual (as a control system) beiung able to contemplate itself---a kind of meta-cognition question. And it seemed to us then that Deming helped us enormously with this issue with the notion of self evaluation. So the notion exists how one can form and review one's own Quality World picture of oneself. Feeling bad/sad about not being able to live up to one's own picture(s) may in fact invite a conversation about such an expectation, how the holder came to form it in the first place, what the present reality is, what an ideal self is and whether to work on possible behaviors for realization or to work on self acceptance. Reviewing one's real strengths and building on those can be useful. Self concept refers to the thinking component of Total Behavior and self esteem usually refers to the feeling component.

-- suzy hallock-bannigan (, July 29, 2003.

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