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Since I received a FAST response from my last question, I thought I would post this one?

We are in the process of moving & I want to take my wooden storage shed with us. If I remember right, the outside dims at the base are 8' Wide and 10' Deep.

How do I get this on a trailer?

I had originally thought about placing it on 2" galvanized steel pipe & "rolling" it up onto the trailer (like they moved the pyramids). I could even use a manual winch to pull it up on the trailer. With this scenario.. How do I get it up the ramps?

Thanks, Dale

-- Dale Giardina (, June 27, 2003


can you back the trailer next to the shed, then, tip the shed onto the trailer? Would be easier to get it off and stood up that way also.

-- Stan (, June 28, 2003.

Dale! You can still use the pipe rollers if you use enough of'm. I would use several of'm and each one of'm bein about 16" long. Start new rollers just before losin those at the end.

Stan has a good idea too. Probably would be eaiser to do it like he said rather than roll it up ramps. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (, June 29, 2003.

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