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All the folders that I have selected seem to get backed-up properly except "C:\Program Files\No Hands Backup 2.5 beta 6". I want to backup this one to store a copy of the backup sets I have created.

On my backup CD the folder is created by NHB, but its contents are empty. And I get the error: "Run-time error '52'. Bad file name or number." I assume the error s caused by this folder name.

And no log file is created.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2003


Hi Paul.

The error message ("Run-time error '52'. Bad file name or number."), is it displayed in a message box? Then I would think you're running a old version. Download the latest beta (6) from the homepage. Does NHB mention what file raises the error?

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003


I am using NHBackup 2.5 beta 6, as noted in the first email.

Yes, the error is displayed in a message box.

NHB does not mention which file raises the error. That was my original question.

I read somewhere that "Run-time error '52'" means a file or folder name is too long.

I did find a work around. The solution was to back up the "myPC.nhb" backup set safely on the Desktop. Then remove folders from the set until the error no longer occurred. The problem was in with the source folder name for the Outlook Express Mailboxes and some long file names in the Internet Explorer Favourites folder. Solution for Outlook was to open Outlook and select tools>options>maintenance>store folder and change the store folder to another location with a shorter folder name. This new folder would now be the new source for Outlook Express Mailboxes. Solution for IE Favourites and Cookies was to export these manually from within IE to new folders and manually update these folders on my CD-RW backup disk.

Let me know what you think. Is there some other way to find the problem folders or files? Can you program NHB to allow these long names or are they a Windows 2000 limitation?

By the way, thank you for creating NHB. There are a number of reasons I prefer using it over commercial products and even over WIN 2K's "Backup" utility.



-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

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