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Hi there, I was just wondering how old do does have to be before they start producing milk, and I was also wondering if pygmy goats produce milk. Thanks ahead of time.

-- Jessica (, June 30, 2003


Does give milk after giving birth. The question should be: when should a doe give birth? The obvious answer is: five months after getting pregnant. So when should a doe get pregnant? The issue is important to those who want to optimize the growth of the young doe. If a doe is bred too young, she will not grow to her full potential size.

According to Smith and Sherman, Goat Medicine, the French breed (their goats) at seven months. In Australia (my home country) some breeders wait until the doe is 18 months before letting her breed. They like big goats.

Others suggest waiting till the doe is 90 pounds (less for pygmies).

In Thailand (where I live), does are not separated from bucks, are rarely fed grain and so will rarely achieve potential.

I am feeding my does half a pound of 16% grain per day and separating them from the buck. I will wait till they get to 30kg before putting them to the buck (who is almost 80kg). We shall see if the grand experiment produces larger does! (Or squashed does!)

Hope that answers your question, while, admittedly, wandering off the subject...:)

-- gregory barton (, July 04, 2003.

Just inviting you over to the new board, everyone has moved :) click on the dairy goat forum!

-- Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians (, July 05, 2003.

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