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Hi, Do like your product but it does have a coupole of issues.

1) It crashes with a "failed to load comdlg32.ocx" error (runtime error 372) whenever I try to create a new backup record (right click, add folder, etc) It is running on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. This is annoying but not a major issue as I simply adit the file in notepad.

2) Much more of an issues is the fact that I cant get it to create subfolders at the destination. It will copy everything but not create any new folders. If I create the destination subfolder manually first, it will copy the files within that folder but then again not create any further subfolders. My copy operation is a few folders deep so this is a major issue. The following is my operations file:

FILE_Source(0)=\\Jfm1\Global Share\Richard\Live Trading FILE_Dest(0)=\\Opal\c$\EMN Live Backup FILE_FolderPattern(0)=*.* FILE_FolderPatternIsInclusive(0)=1 FILE_FilePattern(0)=*.* FILE_FilePatternIsInclusive(0)=1 FILE_Recursive(0)=1 FILE_Comment(0)= FILE_IsDir(0)=1 FILE_RemoveOldFiles(0)=1 FILE_DeleteSourceWhenDone(0)=0

Should be fairly simple. Get source, copy everything within it to destiniation. thats it. Any ideas? Thanks for your help. Jamie

-- Anonymous, July 02, 2003


Hi Jamie. I see there is a $ in the destination path. That's not right is it? I'm not very knowledgeble in networking... What does it mean?

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

I'm getting exactly the same problem, if someone finds a fix, please email me.

Also, I found another small bug. If i select a drive (ie : "D:\") for a source folder, it's fine, however, if i select a drive for a destination folder, it removes the backslash "\" which pops up the wrong syntax window. It still works fine, but there must be a way to get the backslash back.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 2003

well it maybe that the $ is what is stuffing it up, but it shouldnt be. The C$ denotes a hidden share. A share that exists but doesnt show up by default. You will find most NT based machines have hidden admininstrative shares. I use them alot.

I have bypassed this whole thing anyway. I wrote a batch file and xcopy'd everything. A shame, cos its fundamentally quite a cool programe. Anyway.....

-- Anonymous, July 22, 2003

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