DB2 UDB Reorganization

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I have a table of 12 GB, whose Primary Index's cluster ratio is below 50% . The reorgchk utility suggest me to reorganize the Index.

We have Db2 V7.2 fixpak 6 on AIX 4.3.3 with SAP 4.6D. My Query is : 1. What is the idifference between Table reorganization and indexreorganization ? 2. How will I do Index Reorganization ? 3. If I reorg the table using the primary key, what about the other non-unique indexes. How do I reflect the changes on other indexes ? How will my query performance be enhanced if it is using other indexes ? 4. What exactly is the difference between Random Read and sequential read ? Please clerify ? Thanks & Regards, Jayesh

-- Jayesh Dhanani (jayesh_d2003@yahoo.co.in), July 10, 2003

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