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Now someone is impersonating me on the following thread:

I am a Catholic that was married once in a Catholic church. I am now divorced and wanting to know about getting married again in the Catholic church. How do I go about getting my marriage annuled and is it possible?


I code my messages so that they can be authenicated, if needed.

If someone uses electronic data for identity theft, whether for profit of not, they can be prosecuted. Something to think about.

Every message leaves an electronic trail.

Thanks, God bless

-- john placette (, July 16, 2003


My Post got out of hand, so I left the post because I did not intend my post to be a "joke". The problem is that the email address and name entry is not authenticated. The moderator will have to write up an authentication to verify the identity of the person posting. I am very disappointed at the results of my posting. I never expected it to be dragged that badly through the dirt. It was completely unjustified. It was my first time on this board, and will not be returning. I considered an adult conversation or discussion. I trusted my personal life to this board, and in the end, I feel that it was in vein.

Tim Fernandes

-- Timmy Fernandes (, July 16, 2003.

Hi Tim,

Your post got hijacked by forum imposters. This forum occasionally gets inundated by pranksters who impersonate forum regulars and give ridiculous answers for their own amusement. The problem usually resolves itself through the diligent work of the forum moderator. He's just one person and it takes time. This forum can be a source of excellent information, and interesting discussion. I don't post very much, but I check in every day and there is always something of value. I'd give it another chance, I think you'll ultimately find it worthwhile. There are some very knowledgable people who expend a lot of energy trying to impart good information. You just came at a bad time. I'm sorry for your bad experience here, but please understand, its not the norm. Jim

-- Jim Furst (, July 16, 2003.

Dear Tim,

Sorry your thread got so out of hand. I have removed all of the rubbish from that thread, to give you a fresh start, should you choose to do so. Of the 42 posts deleted, 31 were from an imposter, posting under several names, sometimes posting comments back and forth to himself, several messages in succession. A few messages, while not from an imposter, were of little value to you since they were posted by an individual whose personal pain over his own annulment renders him incapable of posting rationally on the subject. And finally, a few posts were legitimate ones offered by people truly concerned, to whom I apologize for the deletions; however, the messages they responded to were not yours, but those of the imposter, so I have wiped the slate clean.

It's a shame that someone's personal life is so utterly without purpose that they can spend hours online attempting to disrupt the activities of people who actually have meaningful lives. Still, I believe we must be doing something right, here on this forum, if the forces of the enemy are trying so desperately to interfere. As for me, if this person can spare a couple of hours of his life to post 31 insipid messages, I can certainly take the 15 seconds or so required to delete them.

-- Paul (, July 16, 2003.

I appreciate the fact that the imposters have taken such an interest in this particular forum. It is obvious that they have an interest in the Catholic Church and our shared faith. I pray that while they are spending time posting false messages they are also spending time reading the legitimate responses to questions, that they may learn and be drawn closer to the one True Church established by Christ.

Pax et Bonum.

-- Thomas (, July 17, 2003.

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