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I'm blind, work full-time and have a toddler at home and another baby on the way - anyone fancy a chat!? K

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2003


Kate - I did e-mail directly to your address, then noticed this window, so I'm copying to you:

Hello, Kate - I hope you don't mind my answering your noticeboard, as I am not a blind parent with children. What I am, though is a rehab officer, and I have just taken on a client who has total sight loss, with a very young child (just over 1 year). I am currently trying to pick any brain on offer for ideas of how he can take his child out in a buggy or similar contraption, whilst using his long cane, as he's very keen to stay involved in all aspects of his child's care.

Have you managed to resolve this difficulty with your own toddler, or perhaps you know others who have experimented to find what works for them? I'd be very interested in any info you can give me.

I will also be bringing your ad to my client's attention, as he may well welcome the chance to communicate directly with someone in similar circumstances to himself.

Many thanks,

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2004

HI, I am blind and have a 16 month old. The best bet for traveling any distance with a child is a Peg Perego carriage/stroller. These have reversable handles and all four wheels can swivel or lock as necessary. The stroller will track better if the forward wheels swivel and the trailing wheels are locked. I pull the stroller behind me and use either my guide dog or a white cane as usual. It requires good orientation and a good awareness of your surroundings. Hope this helps. Eileen

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2004

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