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I think it is a "he" not a she.

I think he is probably in his early 30's, single, no children, no wife, mo friends, except perhaps those friendships he has at a fundamentalist wacko store front church he attends on occasion. He probably works in a mail room somewhere sorting mail. No one pays him much mind. They look down on him really. He is practically invisible. They treat him like he is so much discarded junk mail, but if only they knew . . .

Then he goes home to an empty apartment; cold, dark, uninviting. He has a goldfish for a pet that he calls "spark." He warms up the Banquet dinner in the microwave, adding a little extra ketchup for flavor.

He turns on the tube, but nothing much interests him anymore. He tries to listen to some music, but . . . . WAIT, his computer terminal is calling for him! That friendly monitor looks back at him blankly as he feverishly searches for victims of his foul play.

He snickers in self-admiration as he masters the art of "E-Mail Fraud." They'll never catch him, he says to himself. He's too smart. He'll show 'em. He'll garble their posts, and inundate their personal home e-mails with spam. There is NOTHING he can't do. Why, he's invincible!

Finally, he can rest. He can call it a day. Turn out the light, say a prayer, . . . and then wake for yet another boring day!

Wow, poor guy. I almost feel sorry for him.


-- Gail (, July 21, 2003


Well, my guess is that perhaps it's a Serbian woman, probably Orthodox, and perhaps somewhere in Europe. :-)

Do you remember seeing a strange thread a while ago (deleted methinks) complaining about how Serbs who converted to Catholicism were allowed to stay on in Croatia while their Orthodox counterparts got ethnically cleansed?

The style, language etc. seems to fit our imposter, and the name seemed to be a woman's. Also s/he seems to do a lot of her posting in the wee hours U.S. time, but morning in Europe.

Of course my amazing powers of deduction led me to conclude that Christian Soldier could be an elderly woman, and Kevin was a native American, so go figure. :-)

-- Stephen (, July 21, 2003.

I still think he's the second gunman behind the grassy knoll...

Of course, he'd have to be pretty old by now.

-- Catherine Ann (, July 21, 2003.

Gail you're a riot! pretty scary. I just got done watching this creepy show with my daughter on one of those 'Life time for women' channels about a mom who'd get on the internet chatrooms and trap potential pedophiles by posing as young girls and then trapping them with the police's help. Pretty eerie. Guess our imposters have not much more to do either. Theresa

-- Theresa (, July 21, 2003.

That was not me above. Or maybe it was. Gosh, I don't know. Maybe there's two of me, or three, or four . . . .


The Real Gail

P.S. (or I think I'm the Real Gail) Maybe I just think I'm the Real Gail. Maybe the Real Gail doesn't even exist. Oh, I've got some real thinkin' to do! Or maybe I shouldn't think at all. YIKES, now I am talking to myself.

-- Gail (, July 22, 2003.

single, no children, no wife

Cool. May I be excused?

-- jake (, July 22, 2003.

No life, no wit, no charm, no meaning to life . . . Gee, that sounds like "IMPOSTER", i.e., the full blown DWEEB!


-- Gail (, July 22, 2003.

Yep, that crossed my mind too, sort of like the "disgruntled employee" phenomenon.

-- Gail (, July 22, 2003.

Could be... But Kevin seemed rather puritanical, and the last few impersonations have been quite racy.

You know, in the beginning, the impersonator used CAPS ALL THE TIME AND NO PUNCTUATION WITH BAD SPELING... Do you think it's a different guy, or has he taken an "Improve your Internet Skills, Grammar, and Punctuation in 12 Days!!!" course?

-- Catherine Ann (, July 22, 2003.

no, his mother came down to his basement and is correcting his spelling over his shoulder

-- paul (, July 31, 2003.

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