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What is value of painting with subject matter a man and woman (ballet) dancers with full moon,a cherub shaking leaves from tree on left and a bird on limb of tree on right which is full of fruit?

-- Earl S. Burklund (, July 22, 2003


I have two similar prints...the research I have done,it appears that the prints are worth about 60 dollars a piece. Do you have any info you have gotten you could share?

-- Halcy Hall (, April 08, 2004.

I have a Marygold print of the oriental panel "Love Birds" purchased from Woodward & Lothrop in Washington, DC by my grandmother - it was purchased in the late 1930's or early 1940's. It is approx. 6" x 18" in the original frame with the original labeling on the back. I don't know it's value and would love a companion print if there is one with the same subject matter.

-- Dorna Thorpe (, December 11, 2004.

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