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ummm... im looking for onegai twins pics... any kind of pics is ok... plz help me out....

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003


dl Onegai Twins then take sn using a screen capture program..

-- Anonymous, July 30, 2003

screen shot capture program... wha!?!?... can u please give me an example or somethign....

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003

i'm using HyperSnap it takes pictures of the screen, but they can't take pictures by live feed so you have to use a special capture setting (take the picture of the item right at the moment) if you don't get it to save the screen then it comes out as a big black screen when you close the movie

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003

umm.. i dont think i have HyperSnap... can i use any other programs??? Paint?? Adobe?? Photostudio??.. those are the ones i have....

thnx for replying by the way.. ^_^

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2003

So anyone have free full versions? Please email me thanks

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2003

you have downloaded onegai twins episodes? then, try to download somewhere a program called bsplayer (videoplayer, very light program) and you can make videocaptures with that very easy.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2003

A good method is to use a program called VirtualDub, that can open any video file for editing purpose. Then, using an area capture tool like paint shop pro will work fine. You can also make screen captures while in VirtualDub, then editing them in Paint Shop Pro.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2003

Try Snagit. It will capture screens and anything visually playing.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

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