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Dear Friends,

I have spent the past couple of weeks, off and on, organizing the archives of past forum messages, in an effort to make them more easily accessible.

I have subdivided some of the very large categories into several smaller categories. For example, the category "Mass, Liturgy, and Sacraments" included over 500 threads. Trying to find information on "Baptism" among so many unrelated threads was very time-consuming and inefficient. So, I have created new categories - one for "Mass/Liturgy", and separate ones for the various sacraments.

There were previously two marriage-related categories, "Annulment/Nullity" and "Marriage/Divorce". This wasn't too useful, first because you cannot separate the topics "annulment" and "divorce" (most messages dealing with one necessarily involve both). And secondly, because there were other marriage-related threads that didn't involve either divorce or annulment, which were buried in the large volume of annulment-related threads. So now there are three marriage-related categories - one for "Annulment/Divorce", one for "Interfaith Marriage" (another frequent subject), and one for all other Marriage-related threads. The "Annulment" category remains very large - over 300 threads - but I see no way of subdividing it further. Perhaps I should delete some of the threads which have seen no action in a couple of years?

I have divided "non-Catholic beliefs" into two categories - "Non-Catholic Beliefs, Christian" (Protestantism and Orthodoxy), and "Non-Catholic Beliefs, Non-Christian (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.) (By including these in one category, I do not mean to suggest any similarity among them - only the fact that they are "other than Christian").

As in any project which involves sorting of thousands of items, I ended up with a number of threads which don't fall easily into any specific category. These I have placed in one category called "Miscellaneous Issues". Many of these threads were in a previous category called "Catholic Trivia". I thought the current name was better, as many of the topics discussed are certainly not trivial - they just don't fit easily into another category. This is quite a hodge-podge of unrelated topics (over 100 in number). Perhaps you can suggest other categories which might group some of the threads currently placed in this category. The category "Current Events" likewise includes quite a mix of topics (over 200).

The previous "Saints" category was dominated by the "Saints of the Day" series, which made it difficult to find other saint-related threads. I have placed "Saints of the Day" in a category of its own, and other saint-related threads into a separate category, still called "Saints".

All threads which were formerly placed in categories (almost 3,000) have been recategorized into this new system. Many of course remained in their original categories, while many others have been reclassified. There are, in addition, at least a couple of thousand threads which never were assigned to a category. These remain uncategorized at present. I will work on these gradually, assigning them to categories, and creating new categories if necessary.

I hope this makes the archives more useful. I would appreciate your input, suggestions, criticisms, either by posting here or by direct email. Other categories needed? Current categories that are unneeded or inappropriate? Items categorized incorrectly? Any changes that would be helpful to you?

Regards, Paul

-- Paul (, August 02, 2003


Thanks Paul

Much improved. Quickly found what I was looking for!


-- Jim Furst (, August 04, 2003.

Thanks Paul

If it was me... Id delete all the annulment and marriage threads, replacing them with a "read only" type thread offering a few concise answers to generic commonly asked annulment questions.

God Bless you

ps I really enjoyed the folowing humbling thoughts

"However, if the Magisterium, under the ongoing inspiration of the Holy Spirit, doesn't see such a conflict, I will not humiliate myself by pretending that I know better than they do. If I did, many as ignorant as I would think me astute; but great theological minds would regard me as a fool, and an exceedingly proud fool at that. So I keep my mouth shut and my mind open, study, learn, and grow, so that when my former foolishness is finally revealed, it will be revealed only to myself, instead of being broadcast to any who will listen."

-- Paul (, April 02, 2003.

Also do you mind telling me if you studied Karl Popper and any thoughts you may have on him.

-- Kiwi (, August 05, 2003.

Paul: I just spent some time going through the neew categorization of the topics on this forum and I think you did a wonderful job. keep on with the good work.


-- Enrique Ortiz (, August 05, 2003.

Dear Kiwi,

I can't say I have studied Popper in any depth, but I did read and enjoy The Logic of Scientific Discovery in conjunction with a course quite a few years ago. Your mentioning his name recalls that work, which I haven't thought about in quite some time. I think I may take this opportunity to reread it. After 30+ years working as a scientist I think I may be in a far better position to appreciate his ideas than I did as a graduate student.

-- Paul (, August 05, 2003.

Hi Paul ,

Id recently read a few selections from the book you mention and I could see the close similarities in how you present science and proof. I must say I feel like youre wasted, that your time could be put to better use, find an "admin assistant" and spread your fantastic knowledge amongst the secular wolrd, heres a place to start!

Is that too pushy..I can only try. AT least have a look! I think the wolrd is crying out for intellligent Christians and too many secular people never get to hear from any of them. I have been spending a bit more time at the local Marist seminary and have become good friends with some of the guys my age so Im getting alot of good literature, as well I must finally say Im starting to see some spiritual growth in my relationship with Jesus..about time its only been 28 years in arriving!

God Bless

-- Kiwi (, August 06, 2003.


I noticed that two threads were missing from the new "Saints of the Day" category folder/directory.
I found those two threads ("misfiled") and would like to ask you please to move them to the proper "folder."

You can find "May 21 -- today's saints" in the "Uncategorized threads" area. Its URL is:

You can find "December 3 -- today's saints" in the original "Saints threads" area. Its URL is:

Thank you. John

-- J. F. Gecik (, August 09, 2003.

(Topping, in case my Saturday message was missed.)

-- J. F. Gecik (, August 11, 2003.

Moderator, please see my August 9 message to you. Thanks. JFG

-- J. F. Gecik (, August 11, 2003.


Thank you very much, Moderator, for moving those threads.

I also want to express my gratitude to you for saying that you intend to "categorize" the many hundreds of previously "uncategorized" threads. That difficult task apparently had to be abandoned by one of the previous moderators after he had established the categories and moved several hundred threads.

If you want help from forum "regulars" in suggesting categories for many of the uncategorized threads, please ask, because I think that you would find some willing souls. After knowing how many would help, you could break down the list into "ranges" to be assigned.


-- J. F. Gecik (, August 12, 2003.

Recently back from vacation and didn't see this thread till now. Just wanted to express my thanks to you Paul for all the time and effort you put forth on the forum.

Although I rarely post anymore, I still do log on daily and enjoy reading the various threads. And you have been doing a wonderful job keeping them clean. Thanks again.

-- Glenn (, August 12, 2003.

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