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can anyone help in answering some question's about this deco blue aurene/fravile vase. i've tried to reaseach it and posted on alot of glass board's, without much help, or usefull information. from what i read, when a vase such as this does not contain a signature, marked,,it fall's into a catagory of Lotze import. incase my pic. link's don't work, you can e-m me for some, but the description is as follow's. blue aurene/fravile? it's 12"h. 26"round. the bottom is completely coved with finish, slightly concave, without pontil. finish is orange peelish/crackle texture. it has these salty raindrop drip's,of an irregular pattern. top rim opening is smooth but crude, with lil' saw/file like mark's, and is painted? glass?black tarish 1/4" rim. how can i identify maker/approx.age/value? some suggested answer's i got were..u.s.a glass maker's sometime's used sticker's. could be: stueben,tiffany/dugan/fenton....experimental,1929-30ish? ANY SUGGESTION'S WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.....thank's elise

-- elise (, August 03, 2003

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