Which Book is this Quote Original From?

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i am writing a thesis on Reality therapy and I'm wanting to find out the exact source of this qoute from Glasser: "I have noticed that happy people are often evaluating themselves & unhappy people are always evaluating others."

Pls help me if you knw the ans. Thank you. May the Choice be with YOu.

Daryl Chow Singapore

-- Daryl C (d1137014@mail.connect.usq.edu.au), August 08, 2003


What an interesting question I'm sorry I dont know the answer. I have a tiny feeling that it may not be from a book at all.It may be something that he said possibly at convention, but I may be completely wrong in this. I do know that it is an early quotation, it was in existence long before 'Choice Theory'. It comes from back in the 'Control Theory' days, or even earlier.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), August 09, 2003.


I agree with Ken uin that this has been around almost as long as I can remember. It probably gained momentum when, inspired by Deming, Glasser placed an emphasis on self evaluation. I remember the beginnings of this conversation (in a book by Bill called "Stations of the Mind" which is no longer in print. In that book, there are a number of references to criticism and incresing the error---what we would now call increasing the level of frustration.) It's possible that this is from a book no longer in print, and Bob Wubbolding or Bill himself may know. Bob is a great student of Bill's work and he may be a good source. When you discover the answer, I hope you share it with Ken and me!

-- suzy hallock-bannigan (suzyatdonegal@aol.com), August 12, 2003.

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