I figured out who the impersonator is...

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i've got it.

took me awhile too. the impersonator has stopped impersonating and began posting with its own tag, guess the old game got boring.

tryan guess, which is short for Try and Guess, has been posting in various threads lately and lamenting john and eugenes posts. there are several key areas to note, however...

1)anonymous, who then became tryan guess when people refused to recognize him because he had no name, has the same EXACT writing style as our dear imposter. to a T. while the subject matter is more clean, the same exact gramatical inneficiencies exist between both personas. funny thing is, mark toddler shares the same exact style, appears in only one post, supporting tryan, and shares EXACTLY the same opinion, meaning tryan is used to using more than one name. i only wish i had a few of the imposters posts to make a better comparison.

2)tryan guess (aka anonymous, aka mark toddler) claims to be a traditional catholic, BUT he refuses to recognize the immaculate conception as mary. even jake and emerald recognize mary as the immaculate conception as does the traditional movement, meaning that tryan knows NOTHING about the schism to which he claims to belong. in fact, he even is so bold as to claim that nothing in the catechism can be considered infallible. he's just throwing around a few words he learned as our impersonator...

3) as i said before, tryan already posts under more than one name...

4) eugene. this really tipped me off. anonymous never posted before eugene left this forum. anonymous hasnt posted in an arguement with eugene, and eugene has never said anything directed towards anonymous. HOWEVER, anonymous knows eugene, knows his position here, and asks for him to be removed (despite the fact that he is already in self imposed exile). how is it that someone so new to our forum has such intimate knowledge of eugene? when i first came here i didnt know anyone.

5) baptists... a trad would NEVER convert to being a baptist. NEVER NEVER NEVER. schismatics like jake and emerald are used to the posts directed at them, they probably get it all the time. if anything, they would brush it off as more novus ordo complaining, but why would a traditional catholic convert to the liberal baptist faith? because hes not really a schismatic trad who wants to crush the new mass, hes an imposter creating problems.

IN CLOSING... now you are known tryan, so welcome to the forum. glad you actually have a persona, maybe as you grow up more you can use it for something useful. or maybe you'll learn that it is more fun to join us in adult conversation?

-- paul (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), August 12, 2003


Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

up to the top so everyone can see...

-- paul (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), August 12, 2003.

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Yes, very good. You have got me figured out. Your so smart. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Anyways, back to reality. I have no need to post under another name. I am a traditional Catholic, and I realize now I was in error about the immaculate conception. I am considering on converting to the Baptism religion, All because of Chavez and Gecik, being so rude. I was going to leave the forum, but I shall stay now.

I was never an imposter, ask the Moderator to prove it. I know you are 'little paul' and he is 'big Paul'. I am not Mark Toddler, or Cris, Jake, or Emerald.

Moderator, I still call for the banning of ALL negative thinkers, including Gecik, Chavez and Steve.

-- Tryan Guess (noemail@none.com), August 12, 2003.

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It could well be that Tryan Guess is actually Robert P, who was recently mentioned as the guy who was misled by some "trads" into leaving Catholicism to join the SSPX schisms. Is he going all the way down the drain, from Catholic Church to Lefevrish sect to Baptisticism?

-- Ann Onymoose (cha@cha.cha), August 12, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

The word of prophecy is of a more sure word than the word of an eyewitness. Eyewitnesses to the same events can and do tell different versions of the same event.The disciples of Jesus were men who wrote of Jesus in their capacities as eyewitnesses. The words of prophecy coming through the mouth of prophets was not based on that prophet being an eyewitness of an event but that word was based on that prophet simply repeating what ever God commanded him to speak or write. Thus the words prophecy are of a more sure word than the eyewitness accounts of the disciples of Jesus. And if the eyewitness accounts given by the disciple of Jesus do not match up with the words of prophecy that is found mainly in the Old testament, then the disciples can be held as being in error, even if no one tampered with their words. And this is why Jesus said in the book of Isaiah Ch.8, v.16,:" Bind up the testimony of my disciples";then again Jesus states in Isaiah Ch. 8, v. 20,:"To the law and to the testimony (of my disciples):if they speak not according to this word (of Prophecy), it is because their is no light "in them ".("In them", means the eyewitness testimony given by the disciples of Jesus. By this, Jesus shows that eyewitnesses can make mistakes as they try to record what they think they saw, while the words from the mouth of prophets are sure; the Jesus said that he did not come to change anything of the prophets, instead he came to fulfill or do the same thing that they did.

-- George Robinson (r4geor@aol.com), August 12, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...


Guys, it is always the one that points finger first that is the one to blame. Little paul here accuses me of being an imposter, yet cannot prove it. Sadly, he fits the profile and is childish enough (and wicked enough) to ruin our forum with his slander.

Moderator, if you are not too weak, I vote for the banning of little paul. His childish games have been a nuisance to our blessed forum.

God Bless! T.D. Guess

-- Tryan Guess (noemail@none.com), August 13, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

boy who cant give his real name,

are you going to vote to kick everyone off this forum accept yourself? your impersonations wont be very funny if youre the only one reading them.

second, i dont think the moderator is likely to agree with you, since you called him the leader of a bunch who are out to destroy this forum and if it werent for 'blessings' like you then he would succeed. not smart if you really wanted us banned.

add to the list of evidence that this person childishly wants all contributing parties banned from the forum, although he hasnt really been here long enough (under this name) to be in a position to make such a request.

-- paul (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), August 13, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

funny thing is there are only two REAL people aside from myself whove posted on this thread. george robinson and anna onymous.

each and every other one was just another made up name by tryan. cheers... imposter

-- paul (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), August 13, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

Little paul, please stop making fun of my name. You wouldn't like it if I made fun of your name would you? I am not the imposter! Big Paul can tell you, just ask him. You are making accusations you cannot prove, please stop it.

-- Tryan Guess (noemail@none.com), August 13, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

Is there a woman who is now "Tryan Guess"? When I read her posts, it sounds like the words and thoughts of a woman.

Or, has Chris Butler published his "Catholic State" essay?




-- rod (elreyrod@yahoo.com), August 13, 2003.

Response to i figured out who the impersonator is...

Uh, Stephen....I mean "Tryan Guess"....what does one win when one reveals your identity?

rod.."off to smell the roses"



-- rod (elreyrod@yahoo.com), August 13, 2003.

Trayn Guess

Quit the depression mode and threats to convert to Baptism, because of Gecik, Paul, etc.It doesn't affect us in the lsight bit. You abuse the opportunity to converse in this forum, in a manner suitble to all.

If you are so rampant about how you want to leave the church, why don't you just go and do it? - You Loser!!! Or are you just a whimp, who knows we are right and that you've been had.

No point complaing to the MODERATOR because he knows that you are the ulcer of this forum. If you ask me its amazing how you' re not banned, considering your whinning is more annoying than Britney Spears !!!

-- Andrew Swampillai (andyhbk96@hotmail.com), August 14, 2003.

*It doesn’t affect us in the slightest bit

-- Andrew (andyhbk96@hotmail.com), August 14, 2003.

YAY!!! my first impersonation. im so thrilled. nobody has ever impersonated me!!!

oh, i guess this would be a good time to tell all of you that i didnt post that little bit about getting it all wrong. in fact, in the utter absence of tryan, and the sudden reappearance of alot of false posts, im beginning to think that i was very accurate.

-- paul (dontsendmemail@notanaddress.com), August 15, 2003.

I am no imposter!

-- Tryan Guess (noemail@none.com), August 15, 2003.

Shalom to all, We find it rather disconcerting that there is at least one person who posts using other people's names. What really has us concerned is if this person claims to be a believer of the G-d of Av'raham, Yitzhak, Yaakov (or for those who prefer, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), he/she is not showing it. In fact, by his/her/their fruit he/she/they are serving hasatan (satan). For this reason, we ask everyone here to pray for this person/these persons. We suspect there is more than one based upon several dreams we had the other night. In one, we were shown there quite a few baby rats, one separated from the rest while the others are lined up side by side. Another dream showed spiders and a pig, which tell us we believe that some may suffer from arrogance of false theology (Arachny of Mythology- spiders) and other is rather stubborn in their beliefs (pigs, refer to the passage of not putting forth your pearls before swine). And yet in a third dream, there were Nazguls (Lord of the Rings), which we suspect are those deceived leaders who still hunger for power and will demolish others to get it. We would rather not think of anyone as such as these, but we believe it was HaShem (G-d) who gave us the insight, therefore we hold it to be true. However, we suspect that not all have intentions to do harm, just following their leader. Therefore it seems there are innocent people who are just being led by others who are not following the true One G-d. We hope and pray that each of these people will set aside prejudices and pray for guidance from HaShem and allow Him to expose His desire for only He knows the hearts of men. As for some others, it would seem they have no faith at all in HaShem, therefore we will pray that all true believers will join our prayer for them to come and know Him. We look forward to continuing discussions soon and we hope it will be enlightening for us all. Shalom, C & C

-- C.Foegen (cfoegen@angelfire.com), August 22, 2003.

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