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I have a pgymy (about 2 or 3 years old) She has done well all summer and we have another pygmy with her and they do wonderful together. We recently moved them in a new part of pasture and just in the last day -- I have noticed she seems lethargic (it is rather humid here in the eastern central ohio). She was eating but did not want anything I gave her this afternoon. She looks like she isn't nice and fat like most pygmy's look. She actually stumbled down the hill when going for the fresh water I set out. I have never seen her lose her footing. She has a little bit of crusty stuff around one eye but they look clear. We just got her this summer and she isn't overly fond of people poking and prodding her. My less friendly of the two. Anyway, she licked my hand for awhile and she has NEVER done that so I assumed she is lacking salt. Am I right? Will some rock salt be allright for her? She doesn't have loose stools -- at least I haven't noticed any. My other goat is fine. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any information. We don't show the goats or use them for milk. They are just really good pets for the kids to feed (no one feeds them unless I am there) and pet. BTW -- our nearest vet for goats is about an hour away so meds will have to be done by me : )


-- Wendy Hodorowski (, August 12, 2003


Go to there is a pull down on top that will take you to the 911 area. There are a lot of things that could be wrong. They will help you fast, and are a lot more experenced than me.

-- bergy (, August 14, 2003.

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