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can any one help.I have a six week old boer cross angora male goat.3 days ago his mum was sent away because she was too feral to get near and this was afecting babys behaviour.i noticed she was offten kicking him off her teat when he tried to get a drink.he eats bits of grass,hay,chaff, chook pellets!and some bread but not a great deal. I have been trying for three days now to feed him a bottle with no luck i spend hours with him trying to see if he is drinking any water in his pen but have not seen him do so,although i have seen him do one little wee so thats got to be a good sign.Any tips on teats to use or methods would be great.Im not giving up and shall continue to try and feed.

-- michelle g (, August 15, 2003


Did he get first milk? That will make a lot of diffrence. We have used baby bottles, pop bottles with the black pull over nipples, lamb nipples, and about everything else out there. Some kids are very hard to feed. Have you tried to feed out of a pan? We are pan feeding a calf now that wouldn't use a bottle. We start with a finger put it in the milk then his mouth. A little honey on your finger sometime it helps. JUST DON'T GIVE UP!!! Good luck & God bless

-- bergy (, August 17, 2003.

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