Untruths and nondisclosure

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My wife and I were looking for a house in Natchez, MS last year. A realtor was recommended by a "friend". She showed us a house we sort of liked. We asked about some wood trim that didn't look good and she said it was "just weathered". We asked about any drainage problems or foundation problems and she said there was none. We asked if there were any home inspectors in the Natchez area and were told there were none. She was also the selling agent. We bought the house and have already had to replace the roof and a bathroom. The rain water runs down from up the street and floods the back patio and the front entranceway. We have had to replace some rotten wood trim. Now a crack in the wall back then that "wasn't anything" will probably lead to foundation repair. We've found out that there are several home inspectors in the area. We have not sought any legal help. We just chalked it up to a lesson well learned and will find a Century 21 agent next time and ask a few more questions about them.

-- John C. Calhoun (jblue48@bellsouth.net), August 24, 2003

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