emulsion leaks on some film packs

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I have been through hundreds of packs of SX70 film (Time Zero) and for some reason I am getting emulsion leaks at the upper edges of some photos. This occurs with new and post-dated film. If it happens on one photo in the pack, the rest are usually leaking also.I have checked and cleaned the rollers and it happens on all of SX 70 cameras. Any one have the fix for this messy problem? Any help greatly appreciaited (by my peeling fingertips!) Cathy Gamlen

-- Cathy Gamlen (cpgamlen@netwiz.net), August 26, 2003



just read your question and although i do not have an answer it was nice to know that i am not alone. i asked in a shop and the guy seemed to think the film was old. when i mentioned i had recently bought it in jessops he was also at a loss as to why. and just advised me to clean the rollers after every pack of film if it happened again. the last film pack i got seems fine....

i sometimes have a problem with my sx-70 where the view finder goes black after i've opened it...any ideas? to get round it i have to unload the film and place it back in again close it the open and it seems clear it.

-- lisa goodall (lisa_g4@hotmail.com), September 30, 2003.

Not only do we have the emulsion leak problem in common, we also share the same frustration with the black-out view finder! it happened to me the other day and i couldn't even close down the camera to attempt a fix. Finally, I was able to pull up on the camera bottom enough to re-set the camera. I think since we're working with old cameras, this is part of the deal. Maybe, opening it as far as possible is the answer???? It worked for me.... hope this helps. The lesson that I learned was to never travel with only one camera again. Cathy

-- cathy gamlen (cpgamlen@netwiz.net), September 30, 2003.

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