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This story is a bit long sorry. I felt all the info was pertinent. We own three alpine goats and one boer and one pygmy. We had 2 pygym's but a dog killed one. The little doe that was killed came to us with diarrhea. I thought it was only temporary but it wasn''t. Fecal tests showed coccidiosis and worms. She was weaned young because the mothers bag was not able to support two kids any more and was dragging through the manure. I think the young age, early weaning and stress of relocating made her condition worse. Any how I got it all cleared up, felt like a hero as she got so sick she could not even reaise her head. Shortly after her death we noticed a cough in our oldest alpine. We treated her with penicillin for five days and that seemed to help. Then another doe started to run a fever. Now, all five animals are running fevers between 103.4 to 104.2. Whats goofy is that they are all eating and drinking fine. So now I have all five on a five day course of a better antibiotic, can't remember the name. It's day three and the fevers are not coming down much. I am worried sick as these are my kids 4-H project and I have really grown to enjoy goats. Any ideas? I do plan to take in a fecal sample tomorrow to the vet and have it run for coccidiosis and worms. HELP!!!!!

-- Rhona Schuebel (, September 02, 2003

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