emulsion leaks, also!

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I have also had a real problem with the emulsion leaking from the back of the print. I've had it happen with new film & old film. I'm looking to purchase another sx-70 & would like to know if I should be concerned with emulsion residue on the rollers. The camera I have now has very bad residue build up & leaves spots along the print on the inside edges. I've ruined quite a few prints due to this. I'd like to know if this a common problem, what to do about it & whether to buy another camera that has the residue on the rollers. Thanks!

-- Debbie (donebydebbie@hotmail.com), September 07, 2003



I recently had the same problem, with an older pack of SX-70 film. Have you cleaned the rollers? Drop open the film compartment, and clean them with Q-tips or a lightweight piece of cloth, very lightly wetted with warm water. After cleaning and drying the rollers, try a new pack of film, and it should work fine.

Good Luck, Gary

-- Gary Sharp (gsharp@coosnet.com), September 07, 2003.

Thanks to all with fixes for the leaking emulsion trouble. I will try them. I have found that sometimes the age of the film is partly the problem. Cathy

-- Cathy Gamlen (cpgamlen@comcast.net), September 12, 2003.

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