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What are the drawbacks or criticisms of reality therapy?

-- Lesley Judson (, September 10, 2003



I can't think of any limitations (we don't use a lot of criticism in the reality therapy family anyway!) I have been using Reality Therapy since l976 in my work and in my life, and I can't think of any drawbacks unless maybe it doesn't work to use blaming or any of the seven deadlies! I guess knowing I'm responsible for my choices prevents the kind of thinking that abrogates the responsibility for one's own life. But I will be watching what people say in response to your inquiry. I have read criticisms (in Ivys book and others), but it has seemed to me that the people who are criticising have never studied in Institute-based programs, are not certified, and aren't really that familiar with the broad scope of the work. Do you think there are drawbacks?

-- suzy hallock-bannigan (, September 11, 2003.

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