Hagemann art deco mirror

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I have a Hagemann art deco beveled mirror with the pattern number 205. It is 16x24 and it has an etched design. The only other info on the back label is "silver eng" and the date of 1944. Can anyone give me any info on Hagemann mirrors. Are they rare or unique in any way? I'm trying to get an approximate value on it Thanks Marie

-- Marie Chauvin (KCHAU67001@AOL.COM), September 11, 2003


I also have a "Hagemann Lead Armored" 30-inch round mirror from 1944. It has two labels, one states caring & cleaning, it carries the info "Mirror Manufacturers Association." Mine has scalloped edges with three groves on each side, runnning bottom to upper side, with three plastic buttons centered on the bottom. I have searched for info & have come up pretty empty handed. Any info is appreciated

-- Cheryl Steinmann (xscapes@hotmail.com), November 23, 2003.

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