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I have some tables in an Oracle database. I need to move these tables to an Oracle database. In the 9i database some of the column lengths need to be increased (such as going from char(5) to char(6) or number(7,2) to number(9,2). I also need to add new columns to some of the 9i tables. I also have the need to convert some of the column data to different values (such as "01" needs to become "23").

My question is can I setup the tables in 9i with the correct column lengths/data types and then use the 8.0.6 exp command to export and convert the data into a data file that will import directly into the 9i tables. So should I load the data into 9i (with 8.0.6 column types) and then do alter tables commands and updates on the data?

-- Daniel Leak (, September 11, 2003

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