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Gettin ready for winter is now on the front burner for this old countryboy. The weather is still hot but the chill of fall is in the air too. Propane tank is already filled, grass is cut short ane gettin things "buttoned up" is now underway.

I was out and about this evenin --in the golf cart--and noticed several cocklebur plants that I'd missed awhile back. I also found several that I'd already mowed down too. The little boogers were not much over 2" tall and already had a burr or two on'm. Of course the bigger ones were loaded with burrs. I pulled'm up and carried'm to the burn barrell. I HATE cockleburrs as much as thistle!

Our cabin is almost completed on the outside but have done nothin inside. Tomorrow we'll go buy the ceiling joists and insulation. Windows will need to be put in next week along with the wiring. Very little wiring for grid because it will be used only for backup. The primary power will be 12vdc with a battery bank. Probably install a propane gas lamp too.

Time is runnin out before the coming of Jesus Christ. If you haven't made Him Lord of your life--now is the perfect time. He could come tonight!! old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (oldhoot@shawneelink.net), September 12, 2003


will he come in autumn?

اسرائيل دولة الارهاب

-- Your Full Name (Your Email Address@greenspun.com), September 14, 2003.

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