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I have a enamel spring loaded table.It has a white top with black decorating around the outside,diamonds joined by squiggly lines.It has one drawer for silverware.Unerneath it has Benjamin Crysteel #26418 can anyone tell me about it ?? I would also like to know what kind of chairs to put with it. Thanks Carol

-- carol Lee (, September 20, 2003


I have the exact same table (different numbers) and have also been looking for the chairs. I am also looking for the the worth of the table. Do you have any clue? I would truly appreciate a response. Thank you for your time.


-- Karen Spadino (, February 10, 2004.

Have you found out anything about your table? Sounds like I have the same thing as you and the person who answered, like me, without an answer. Sorry, but I am looking for info as well. Thanx.

-- Larry Schauff (, May 04, 2004.

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