Unique ? DH CHIPARUS ivory pin Brooch of Isadora Duncan . PLEASE HELP

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I have a small 2-inch pin brooch consisting of a rectangular natural ivory plaque VERY finely etched with the dancing figure of Isadora Duncan, with her name written above. The plaque is gilt-washed on the front. The whole circumscribed by a sterling silver frame enameled in blue guilloche enamel with white enamel borders. The reverse of the plaque hand inscribed D(H?) Chiparus. This was obtained by luck from a non-specialized dealer in the USA who was unable to read the signature.

Can this truly be by Chiparus? The materials are first class, the style of etching and frame and guilloche enamel suitable to the Deco period. And most importantly, the subject one with which Chiparus was familiar.

Through the net I have become aware that Chiparus also painted, but i am unaware of any miniatures by him (which i guess this would be called). Your thoughts GREATLY appreciated. Pics available.

Regards, Ahmed M.El-Minawi MD Cairo, Egypt

-- Ahmed M. El-Minawi MD (mbz280@hotmail.com), September 21, 2003


Tengo una escultura de D.H. Chiparo "EGYPTIAN DANCER", Height: 55cm, Bronze, Condition: Perfect, Signed to base and marked Etling Paris, Circa: 1925.

-- Jillien Darias Resuit (ladarias1982@yahoo.es), November 14, 2003.

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