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Hy, I write from Italy. Where can buy a daylab 35 plus? Polaroid italy don't sell this item. I write an e-mail at address suggest in but I don't have a answer... Help me, please...

thankx, emanuele

-- emanuele benini (, October 03, 2003



I am also trying to locate a supplier of the Daylab 120 with 8x10" base in the USA. I am in Austalia and Polaroid Australia won't sell this item and hasnt responded to my email either.

At a loss Kami

-- Kami Smith (, October 05, 2003.


I have no experience with this as I live in the United States but I order all my equipment, including my Daylab, from It looks like they ship internationaly, but I'm not sure how expensive that would be. Here is a link to the shipping information page: O=getpage.jsp&A=getpage&Q=ship.jsp

Good luck! Angela

-- Angela (, October 06, 2003.

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