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What is this a sign of? My goats have big bellies and skinny top lines. I have wormed them with Ivomec orally. I deliced them synergized de-lice, incase that was the problem. Not that they had diarrhea but I treated them with corid just incase. They have free choice minerals and soda. They get grain everday and free choice alpha hay. They don`t act sick but they don`t look right to me. Thanks Steve

-- steve (, October 08, 2003


Steve....what type of goats do you have? Dairy or Meat? If you have dairy, then you may not have a problem at all. Do they have big bellies or are just really wide? If they are wide, then that is a sign of a good working rumen. Also, dairy breeds are supposed to be a little sharp (boney) on the topline, they are dairy, not meat goats. Kind of like dairy cattle, you can see their hipbones and such. On the other hand, if they are meat goats, I have no idea...I am completely dairy. Hope this helped. :)

Kim Red Fox Run Nubians

-- Kim burkhart (, April 23, 2004.

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