Why does Mr.Glasser think all people have choice ?

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Why does Mr.Glasser think all people have choice ?

What matter had happened before ???So he has this pointview.

It must have something in the past. I mean

Could you help me?

Thank you very much.

-- yitingyeh (yitingyeh@yahoo.com.tw), October 08, 2003


As a young man Glasser was trained in,and sorrounded by Freudian Psychoanalysis which suggested that the only cure for psychological problems was to delve into the past to find the origin of these problems and thereby 'fix' them. He found in his own early work that people benefited far more by being helped to find better ways of living their lives in the present, the now. He will acknowledge that people are of course influenced by their past and the sometimes horrific things that have happened to them there. But, he says, "We are products of our past not prisoners of it" Ultimately we are the ones who decide how we live our lives.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), October 09, 2003.

The ability of choice is inherent in the application of Choice Theory through Reality Therapy. The intial question, WHAT DO I WANT?, encourages one to seek to make his/her life better, whether it is by the process of brainstorming new wants or an improvement in current conditions. The second question, WHAT AM I CURRENTLY DOING?, enables one to realize that either he/she is working toward what he/she wants or not. It is probably at this time one might consider whether or not what is wanted is highly effective and desirable regarding need gratification. The third question, IS IT WORKING?, will allow the individual to understand the probability of success of attaining/ obtaining his/her wants, if current behaviors are maintained. He/She is either coming closer toward what is wanted or not. The final question, WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?, allows brainstorming and reorganization of behavior to increase the likelihood of success in getting what is wanted. You might call it steamlining of behavior, getting rid of all the unecessary unproductive behaviors, more importantly identifying highly effective, productive behaviors. It is at this point, in the planning stage, where choice is most evident. I WANT THIS BADLY, THESE BEHAVIORS WILL WORK, I WILL CHOOSE TO DO ________________,______________________& _______________________. Consider working the above steps, regarding something like WANTING TO BECOME PHYSICALLY FIT or UPGRADING MARKETABLE SKILLS to see how it might work. Later TD

-- Ted Donato (tdonato@toppenish.wednet.edu), October 15, 2003.

We are born with very few instincs: sneezing, coughing, throw up, swallowing and anxiety of unexpected noice and unexpected loss of ground. All other we learn.

-- Antun-Tony Rehak (antun.rehak@hi.hinet.hr), January 13, 2004.

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