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I love the way polaroid transfers look on some of the web sites I visited, but I can't even begin to get results. I have an SX70. After the exposed picture ejects, I have tried to peel the picture part off before it has developed. Then I turn the black sticky side down on watercolor paper. The most I get is a muddy smudge look that doesn't even have a picture to it. What am I doing wrong. What is the correct terminology for the () picture shiny part of the time zero film, and (2) the black backing with the ink on top.

Thank you very much. Nancy

-- Nancy Wilson (nwilson@inghamisd.org), October 18, 2003


Hi Nancy,

I'm sorry to tell you this but, as far as I know, the only thing you can do with SX70 is manipulation. Transfers are done with 669, 59, 559, and 809 films. You can read about transfers on the http://www.polaroid.com site. In the Business/Professionals section, click on Creative Techniques.

-- Linda Cardella (cardella@videotron.ca), October 18, 2003.

SX-70 cameras take only Time Zero film (as far as I know). To see which films work with which cameras, go to http://www.polaroid.com and then click on Products and then click on the types of film under the Instant Film heading on the left. The films you can do transfers with are under Pack Film and Sheet Film. Then when you click on individual films (669, for example) you can see which cameras take that film under the Works With heading.

You can also do a Google search for other sites that discuss transfers. As well, there are some other Polaroid discussion lists in Yahoo groups.


-- Linda Cardella (cardella@videotron.ca), October 19, 2003.

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