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I have two Royalchrome chairs, low to the ground with half circle arms and black wooden arm rests. The label on one of them is in mint condition. They are covered in naugahide(sp.?) one red the other mustard. The chrome is pitted and they are very rusty, something I've tried to fix myself, to no avail. First question: what is their value as is? Second question: Are they worth refurbishing and if so how does one go about re-doing the chrome?

-- marsha louise (, October 21, 2003


Hi there i collect a lot of this tubular chrome furniture, and i can tell you that the value really depends on which chairs you have. The market seems to fluctuate a lot, but it is hot right now!

redoing chrome- find a guy who does chrome bumpers for cars. they are out there, and you can get a real bargain.

good luck! feel free to email me a picture, I love looking at this stuff... N

-- nate (, October 24, 2003.

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