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William Powers wrote the book---Behavior :The Control of Perception Could someone tell me what he wrote in this book I really want to know his pointview that can help me know why Mr.Glasser put Control theroy into RT.


-- yitingyeh (yitingyeh@yahoo.com.tw), October 26, 2003


Dr. Glasser had developed and had been using Reality Therapy for quite a while before he came across William Powers' book. What he found in the book was a theory that seemed to explain why Reality Therapy worked. The theory is drawn from the world of engineering and originally referred to the operation of machines. Powers postulated that it would also apply to humans. At its simplest, it says that humans (like machines) behave (or operate) to control their perception of information reaching them from the outside world. Dr.Glasser thought that the theory explained why people behaved in an attempt to get a match between what they perceived was coming in to them from the outside world, with the picture they already had in their mind's eye (or quality world) of the way they wanted things to be.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), October 26, 2003.

Dr. Glasser and William Powers wrote together the book 'The Station of the Minde : perception controled behavior' 1982.

-- Antun-Tony Rehak (antun.rehak@hi.hinet.hr), January 13, 2004.

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