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Looks like Dean is attempting the platform transfer. Hopefully we wont lose any postings there. The low activity on our board may help keep it intact with no lost posts.

In the mean time hang out here or check out the offshoot forums

-- Jay Blair in N. A (, October 27, 2003


I will be so glad when it comes up. The old board keeps showing me site unavailable. How is everyone doing this morning?

-- speciallady (, October 28, 2003.

Geez, I'm here. I've passed over--to the other side. Temporarily at least.

Jay, we will probably lose a few posts. I think it was written that anything posted after Oct. 26th would be lost. What a great time to write what we wanted to say without having evidence show up of it later. lol.

Specialady, things still working out okay with you and your new fellow? Sure hope so, you deserve a great guy.

Later everyone. Just wanted to check in. Windy in Kansas

-- Windy in Kansas (, October 28, 2003.

As I understand it, a back up was done early today, so there may not be a lot of lost postings.

-- Jay Blair in N. A (, October 28, 2003.

Last year when we moved our board from UBB to vB software we didn't lose any posts. However we did lose some PMs.

Hopefully HT will have the same results.

-- Ramangel (, October 28, 2003.

I feel confident that our board will transfer intact.

-- Jay Blair in N. A (, October 28, 2003.

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