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Dont blame me. I just write them down from my PM account and throw them in the pickle jar. :>) and the question is....

Things you really would not want to hear your partner say during sex.

-- Jay Blair in N. A (, October 29, 2003


Is it in yet?

What did you say your name was?

No, really, the doctor says I'm just fine NOW!

What do you mean, do I have the protection?

Who is that? I thought they just said, "Dad are you home?"

Uh, what do you mean you're a twin and haven't been here before?

How long have you had these condoms anyway? They say tested in 1988.

-- Guest.... (, October 29, 2003.

LOL, these are too funny

Let me know when your done,,,

I havnt had to do this since the motor seized up

ewww,, what did you have for lunch

Dont worry, my husband isnt do to be released for another 2 weeks, and the neihbors should be gone by then

-- Stan (, November 02, 2003.

Monica... oh Monica... Monica, ohhhh... what?? WHAT??? You're not Monica?? Whoops.

-- Vera (, November 03, 2003.

"This reminds me - I need to call my mom."

-- Vera (, December 02, 2003.


-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, December 02, 2003.

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