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Hello. I just inherited some furniture from my Aunt who was 85. There is a dresser with a cedar closet made by Tri Bond III along with an end table in the art deco style with attractive inlays and interesting hardware and paper labels on the back. I also have dressers made by The Roger Conant Furniture Group made of rock maple. Can anyone lead me to find the value of these pieces? Thanks.

-- Ann Marie Gaudio (, October 29, 2003


Roger Conant as far as I know refers to Conant Ball, who made some great furniture including some designed by Russel Wright. This may help w/ your research.

-- nate (, October 31, 2003.

We are looking for some answers also. My wife has a complete set of bedroom furniture that her aunt bought in St. Louis back in 1940. It has the Tri-Bond Furniture logo in the top drawer of the chest of drawers. It was furniture that she remembers from when she used to stay with her aunt back when she was a small child. We don't know much about it except where and when it was bought. It is supposed to be maple also. When I was wiping out the interior of some wear dust, it stained the cloth red, so it is not just some sort of basic tree wood. If you have anyluck finding info out, please let me know. I can send digital photos. We are not going to use the head board and foot board as they are only standard size.

-- Rick Neighbors (, November 09, 2003.

Subject: Tri Bond III Furniture 5pc. bedroom set

Hello. I recently purchased my new home. The gentlemen I bought it from left all the contents. All furniture including a bedroom set and a living room set. I am trying to see if anyone has any idea how I can find out how much it is worth. Thanks.

-- Jennifer Barrett (, January 07, 2005.

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