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What is SQLSourceSafe? SQLSourceSafe 2.0 is the right version control solution for SQL Server database development projects. SQLSourceSafe 2.0 Integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, providing an effective and effortless version control management system for individuals and project teams to manage database objects.

By using SQLSourceSafe 2.0, you can manage SQL Server database objects such as tables, stored procedures, user defined functions, views, triggers, indexes/keys and constraints as you manage regular files and projects in SourceSafe. SQLSourceSafe 2.0 enables your to archive and label database object changes in SourceSafe, so that you can compare different versions, recover from an undesired write-over of objects, or roll back to a previous release. Advanced users can also use SQLSourceSafe 2.0 to find out the differences between SQL Server databases or deploy the latest or any labeled version SQL Server database archived in SourceSafe to different computers.

-- Ray Mu (, November 03, 2003


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-- Ray Mu (, November 03, 2003.

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