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I am entertaining buying a building which houses an abandoned Art Deco Bar, Complete with Mirrors Its Kind of a swerve shape oak with refrigerated cabnits, and stainless or pewter rough, Lots of Glass, etched Mirrors with Martini Glasses, my restoring of this condemed buliding depends on selling the bar which is the only quality salvae item on property, its in pretty good shape, considering the building is condemmed, and some booths are still in tact as well.

-- Matt Eliason (, November 04, 2003


I'd like to see that stuff. wanna send me some pictures? N

-- nate (, November 06, 2003.


i am very interested in seeing photographs, and dimensions. i am currently in the process of opening a bar and the thought building the actual bar itself is a undertaking i would rather avoid.

thank you , avadis hagopian

-- avadis hagopian (, December 05, 2003.

would love to see pix if it is still available

-- peter rait (, September 29, 2004.

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