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Hi I have 2 pieces of fantastic art deco furniture, signed by a company called "Modecraft". One piece is a somewhat typical manicurist's table with a black lacquer top and the usual little "sterilizer" drawer. The other is an amazing vanity; really well styled. Its shape is similar to one of the desks Gilbert Rohde did for Widdicomb, only with a mirror attached. Not sure it can be attributed to him, but it is clearly the work of a very sophisticated early modern designer. Does anyone out there know anything about "Modecraft"? There is very little information on the web that I can find... i believe they were based in PA... Thanks...

-- Nate (, November 06, 2003


I have 7 salon chairs made by Modecraft and distrubited by Milo.

-- Dennis (, December 30, 2003.

Hi, I was searching info on Modecraft. I just recieved a lime green cushioned chair with wooden arms and legs from my grandmother, is was her mothers at her salon in the 1950's. Just doing some research. Thanks.

-- Ginger B (, January 20, 2004.


I have finished restoring a ModeCraft manicurist's table that may be similar to yours. You may view a photo of it at In August of 1999, Washingtonian Magazine ran a photo of a large downtown beauty salon in the 1930s that featured the exact same manicurist table.

ModeCraft furniture is often offered on e-Bay and generates considerable interest. From my experience with the restoration effort, the furniture was very well-made.

-- Frank Morra (, March 08, 2004.

I recently acquired a Modecraft workstation that has a cash drawer in the back, it looks like a space age tiki bar from an episode of the Jetsons. The station/bar is a two-tone light brown and white laminate, it is around 200 pounds and very atomic in design(1950's) has 4 stainless steel legs that have been spray painted gold. The brass tag reads ModeCraft New York N.Y.-Muncy Pa. The unit is of quality construction, in excellent condition and measures 48"W x 42"H x 24.5"D

-- Ivan Harris (, May 14, 2004.

I have a Beauty Salon with 8 Modecraft 1000 hair dryers and I need new filters for them. Does anyone have any information. I don't think Modecraft is in bussiness anymore but maybe some company bought them out. Please E-mail. Thanks, Nancy

-- Nancy Jones (, June 03, 2004.

I am looking for Modecraft manicurist furniture for the lobby of a building. Does anybody have for sale? Also interested in any other retro or "Jetsons" style pieces.

-- Gary (, September 20, 2004.

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