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I was given some instructions on how to sign up with DB2 Listserv to get DB2 questions answered.\db2-l used to be the Website to get a signon; used to be the email where you sent questions. But, I go to that Website, and that info is not there.

I found DB2-L on http:\\, where it shows me the instructions on how to get a password, and shows recent archives, etc. The error I get when trying to request a password is: Error - unable to initiate communication with LISTSERV (error=10061, phase=CONNECT, target= The server is probably not started.

Can you help?

-- Dona Bell (, November 19, 2003


I'd like to post a response to my own question: DB2-L is now on the IDUG Website and administered there since October 2003.

-- Dona Bell (, December 11, 2003.

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