Possible to use a batch mainframe Cobol pgm to read an Oracle DB?

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I'm curious about using a batch mainframe Cobol pgm to read an Oracle DB / tables directly. We spend a lot of time writing interfaces where SQL is used in a script to create a flat file from Oracle tables. then it is FTPed to mainframe where a cobol pgm read the flat file. At a former job we used to read the DB2 tables with batch cobol pgms. we used a driver from DB2. we could plug table info into copybooks / files.

now the difference was that DB2 was mainframe version. our Oracle is running on unix. maybe a ODBC from Oracle? Does anyone do this?

Thanks in advance!

-- Deb Watson (debwatson@prodigy.net), November 20, 2003


mainframe cobol can access oracle on a pc directly. you need the oracle component TNSPROC running on the mainframe. tnsproc is a part of SQL*NET, oracle's distributed access piece.

-- steve pratt (steve_pratt@isp.state.il.us), August 30, 2004.

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