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I was hoping that someone might be able to help me who has experienced similar difficulties. I am keen for any advice - techniques or equipment that others have found useful.

I have one hand (below the elbow), and wear a split hook prosthesis. I can do most things I want in life - but am finding the challenge of a new-born daughter - she is 7 weeks old - has confounded me in a few areas. I am able to hold, carry, feed and dress her, but not to change her nappy, nor bathe her. I am growing increasingly frustrated that I cannot do these things - both to help my wife (who has no disability) and to care for/interact with my daughter. Could anyone give me any advice? (Incidentally, I currently live in the US, and will be for another year, but I still deal with the NHS for my disability-related needs on return visits to the UK).

With thanks.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2003


I should say that my problem is not exactly the same as my general coordination made this difficult for me, not having one arm, but maybe it will have the same effect. You can get some special chairs for young babies in the bath, that hold them in position and then you can use your hand to wash them instead of holding them up. I only found out this after my daughter was too big! You can see some on if you search for bath seat. What I eventually did was go in the bath with her, and then you can hold them on your knee and wash them- partly because I was scared of her twisting and getting into the water and partly because she didn't like the bath anyway. I found this a lot easier although I had to use a mat to not slip when getting her in and out. I hope that can help a little bit. SOrry that I don't know what to do about the other situations

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2004

hi. I havn't lost a hand but my condition often leaves me without the use of one hand at often problematic times. The easiest way to change a nappy one-handed I found was to sit on the bed with your legs out in front with the babys head resting on you feet (esp when they have no head control. (of course get everything ready before you start) Undo nappy but leave under the bum (always best to check what your dealing with!!) If only wet wipe front half with nappy in place (just incase they havent finished!) Then remove dirty nappy and clean bum area. Take clean nappy and lay just below bum ready to put on baby. Use your had to lift babys legs and use your feet to support/control head while you lift baby onto clean nappy and do up carefully. Hope it helps

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2004

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