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My husband has been having affairs and has decided not to reconcile our marriage. He's sticking around for a little while to give me some time to get some things in order financially and to give our children one last Christmas with both parents.

My big question is will there be ANY way for me to afford my three kids (all still in diapers) without being able to hold a job? I have two invisible chronic pain disorders that make me appear normal to anyone who sees me while at the same time preventing gainful employment. I know it will be difficult, but is it at all possible to make ends meet? I know there is a 3-5 year waiting list here for sec 8 housing and that all I'll get immediately is workfare help and food stamps... my claim hasn't even gotten to the point of me getting SSI yet.

Any advice or help anyone can offer will be appreciated. My husband hasn't even considered him raising the kids, he wants me to do it, knows I'm a good mom to them, but he isn't thinking of the financial difficulty I'm going to face as a result of this. I want the best for my babies and any advice you can give will be great.

Thanks. Rae

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

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